Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rafael Lozano Hemmer

When i was up Manchester the other week i went to the art gallery to see what their latest exhibition - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Rafael is a Mexican electronic artist. Rafael is well known for creating these theatrical interactive installations in public spaces across the world. He uses robotics, real time computer graphics, film projections, sound, internet links, video and sensors and LED screens to create these mind blowing installations.

The exhibition in itself was quite interesting, i never got the chance to have a go on any of the exhibitions because their was a huge group of OAP's getting too excited so i let them be. I like the idea of science and art coming together, something that i am possibly interested for in my FMP. But what i did find interesting was the way these installations were implemented into the gallery. Gives me a good look into to exhibit my work within the future.

As well while i was their i check out Lowry's paintings which i had never seen before but only in textbooks so that was quite interesting as well.

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